Recap - GatherVerse Asia Summit

GatherVerse Asia Summit - Speakers

GatherVerse Asia Summit - Schedule

Opening – 8:00 AM IST
Alvin Wang Graylin – Path to an Open Metaverse
Christopher Lafayette – The Human Powered Metaverse
Roundtable: Building the Humanity-First Metaverse
Moderator: Christopher Lafayette
Speakers: Omkar Pimple | Fai Cheung | Namrata Dhasmana | Prashant Bhardwaj
Ida Kymmer – A more human internet?
Eddie Avil – Building A Metaverse Community in India
Wan Wei Soh – Metaverse in Asia: Trends in the Next 3 Years
Kay Vasey – Enabling a Metaverse for People and Planet
Dr. Ed Tse – The Most Important Language…
Varun Sharma – Metaverse and the Democratization of Deep Tech
Chitra Ananda – Taking interactive learning to the next level with 4D+ products
Aditya Mani – Can avatars create a new equality?
Closing – 11:45 AM IST